How to Vote

Can I vote in person?

Yes, you can vote in person between March 29th and April 6th. To avoid delays and complications, please plan to vote earlier than April 6th. You can vote at the Loussac Library, City Hall, or Eagle River Community Center (ER/Chugiak Ballots Only).

Where can I find a ballot drop box?

Ballot drop boxes are located across the city. You may use the interactive map on this page to find the closest ballot drop box to you.

When is my ballot due?

Ballots must be in the drop box by 8pm on April 6th or postmarked by April 6th.

Is my vote secure?

Yes. Each signature envelope is checked by two trained election workers. Counting does not start until April 6th at 8pm.


Call 243-VOTE (8683) or email Elections@AnchorageAK.Gov

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